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Pool Fence Options

Pool fences have come a long way over the years. From vinyl to wood to mesh, there are so many options available on the market today, it can seem overwhelming. As a pool owner in your community, you may be limited by the laws and regulations that dictate which kind of fence you install, in regards to height, type and gate requirements. Always check with your town offices before installing a pool fence. Remember, even if your town doesn’t require a fence, your insurance will.
Let’s go over some options available to you as a pool owner.


Ornamental aluminum in particular is one of the most popular type of pool fences in the country. Why? Its durability, for one. And its elegant appearance for another. Coated with a dry powder that’s applied electrostatically and cured under heat, this coating provides added protection that resists rust. Many people get it confused with wrought iron, which is much heavier and features a painted surface. Iron also happens to be more expensive and time consuming when it comes to maintenance.
Aluminum fencing is typically available in six-foot sections, comprised of individual top and bottom rails and pickets secured by rivets or screws. 

  • Durable
  • Low in maintenance
  • Beautiful


  • Does not provide much privacy


Another popular option, PVC fencing comes in standard styles with solid slats or spaced pickets, and privacy, with solid panels. You can opt for lattice work or spindles on top for added decoration.

  • Provides privacy
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes in many styles


  • Gates can sag over time
  • Pickets and rails can be thick and bulky
  • Mildew can form, especially in shady or moist areas.  


This building material is popular for many reasons. Not only is it a natural complement to any yard, but it offers a traditional appeal with the ability to be painted or stained any color.

  • Customizable
  • More affordable than other options


  • Needs maintenance
  • Can warp, twist, rot and split over time

Mesh Fencing

Strong, durable and customizable, mesh fencing is a great option for many pool owners. It meets ASTM International quality standards, plus it’s convenient, attractive and versatile.

  • Easy to install, remove, and store
  • Little maintenance required
  • Affordable
  • Removable or permanent
  • No holes options
  • Transparent
  • Climb resistant


  • Incorrect installation can lead to unsafe access to pool
  • Mesh fabrics can deteriorate over time compared with non-fabric fence types, IF not properly maintained

Here at Central Jersey Pools, we are authorized installers of Guardian pool fencing systems. Correct installation is key to proper operation, so call us today at 732-462-5005 to book your appointment!

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