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Pool Liners and Covers Jackson NJ

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One of the most important features of your pool is the vinyl liner. At Central Jersey Pools, we represent pool liners from several leading manufacturers.

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Long-Lasting Pool Liners and Covers Jackson NJ

We are all about protecting your family. That’s why we offer the very best safety covers and liners for your Jackson pool. Because we have been in business for more than six decades over three generations, we know a thing or two about liners and covers. Our skilled technicians are trained in liner and cover installation for both inground and above ground pools.
Here, you can learn more about what we offer for liners and covers throughout Monmouth County.

Central Jersey Pools – Pool Covers Jackson NJ

Pool Covers Jackson NJ

Central Jersey Pools – Pool Covers Jackson NJ has all the latest covers available on the market at an affordable price. So, if you have been on the lookout for a durable safety cover for your pool, try one of our liners made by Fox and LOOP-LOC – some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Central Jersey Pools – Pool Covers Jackson NJ installs:
LOOP-LOC liners: These liners anchor securely into the decking for a strong seal on your pool, thanks to a patented SAFEDGE and GAPGUARD Child Safety Intrusion Barrier. This is designed to close up any gaps due to raised obstructions at the cover’s edge, so pets and kids can’t sneak through.
With LOOP-LOC safety pool covers, you enjoy:

  • Large X-tacking on LOOP-LOC straps, sewn manually for precise placement and top-notch strength.
  • High-strength, non-corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs for top weight-bearing capacity.
  • 87 percent black yarn in our fabric for the best UV stability.
  • Double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps for a high break strength.
  • Webbing sewn to the cover using contrasting white thread, rather than black, to ensure not a single stitch is missed.
  • Non-corrosive aluminum tips, double-notched for stability.
  • Chafe strips manufactured made with virgin material rather than “regrind,” which is known to stain decking.
  • Polyester bonded thread.

Fox AutoCover safety pool covers: Designed to work in conjunction with any Fox rectangle pool, this flush-mounted system allows you to open and close your pool cover just by turning a key. You will receive a 20-year limited warranty on the mechanical system and a seven-year limited warranty on the cover fabric.

Central Jersey Pools – Pool Liners Jackson NJ

Pool Liners Jackson NJ

With so many luxury above ground or inground pool liners at your disposal, you have your pick of the best we have. For that, turn to Central Jersey Pools – Pool Liners Jackson NJ, where we have you covered with several styles of designer liners from trustworthy manufacturers such as LOOP-LOC and Fox. The smooth surfaces can withstand cracking, chipping, peeling, or skin abrasions.
Whether your liner has a rip, a leak, or is in desperate need of a makeover, choose Central Jersey Pools – Pool Liners Jackson NJ with confidence, for precision and attention to detail.
No need to pay the high price of real tile or worry about all the related maintenance. Instead, go with a luxury vinyl liner, with Central Jersey Pools – Pool Liners Jackson NJ pool designers who will visit your home to:

  • Determine if a repair will suffice or whether you need a total liner replacement
  • Suggest various liner styles and colors depending on your current landscape’s design
  • Measure the size, shape and dimensions of your pool
  • Inform you of the various thicknesses and durabilities available
  • Get the job done in an efficient and expeditious manner

Contact Central Jersey Pools

For more information on pool liners and covers in Jackson, contact us at 732-462-5005. We are located in nearby Freehold at 4235 Route 9 North. Why not come check us to learn more about Central Jersey Pools – Pool Liners Jackson NJ and Central Jersey Pools – Pool Covers Jackson NJ?

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