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Pool Opening Tips and Checklist

Pool Opening Tips and Checklist – NJ

If you’re a dedicated pool owner who took the necessary steps to close your pool the right way before winter hit, opening it come spring should be a breeze. There are still many steps you need to go through to ensure you open the pool the correct way for optimal results. Central Jersey Pools can help you with this process, but here is a checklist with some tips on pool opening.

  1. See what you have on hand in terms of supplies such as chemicals. By going through your stockpile, you’ll know exactly what you need to pick up and what you can use from last year. Check expiration dates and throw out any old supplies to be safe. In addition to chemicals, make sure you have plenty of test strips and kits on hand.
  2. Clean off the pool cover. Before you attempt to remove the cover, clean off any debris such as twigs and leaves, and vacuum off any standing water that has accumulated. You wouldn’t want small sticks, rocks and acorns to puncture holes in your cover during removal and storage. You can clean these items off with a pool rake or leaf net.
  3. Clean the decking around the pool as well.
  4. Remove the cover carefully and lay it flat on your driveway or patio. You may feel the need to use a solution of detergent and warm water to get off any stubborn stains. Rinse and let dry completely. Inspect for tears and patch them at this time.
  5. Roll up the cover and store it in a cool, dry place off the floor so no excess moisture – or bugs and mice – get at it.
  6. Remove all winterizing plugs.
  7. Add water to get the level back up to the desired water line.
  8. Make sure the skimmer has no cracks.
  9. Inspect the pump and filter. Secure all basket strainers, start up the filtration system and clear out all debris that may be in the lines. Start it up and backwash the filter if you have to.
  10. Vacuum the pool and wipe down the sides with the brush attachment.
  11. Perform testing on the water. Before you do this, though, allow the old and new water to circulate for a day or two. Allow Central Jersey Pools to take a water sample and we can test things like alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels for you quickly and accurately.
  12. Keep running the filter if the levels are off. This is a process that could take a few days, so keep at it. Test again to look for proper balance.
  13. Condition and shock your pool, and add algaecide to keep growth at bay.
  14. Add the hardware. This is the time to install all handrails, entry systems, slides and stairs.
  15. Take stock of the accessories you have and what you need to replace. This includes checking flotation devices and rafts for punctures, and making sure you have enough life vests and other safety devices for small children.

The last step is a no-brainer: enjoy your pool for the summer! That being said, you can’t just open your pool and expect it to stay pristine all season. Taking care of a pool is hard work, which is why preventive maintenance is a must for New Jersey pool owners. Central Jersey Pools can provide you with the regular maintenance your pol requires to stay in tip-top shape. Call us to handle this task so you don’t have to worry about it!

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