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Pool Specifications: Get to know your pool

Pool Specifications: Get to know your pool

Become more familiar with the pool equipment you have. Write you pool dimensions equipment specifications down. Then you’ll know where to start in the case of a problem. You’ll also have a handy reference for when you visit or call Central Jersey Pools for service. This way, we won’t have to guess what you have in your backyard. And you’ll be able to communicate easily.
If your pool representative gave you your pool specifications, write them into your pool profile.
Seasons Open _____Year Round _____Partial
Type _____In Ground _____Above Ground
Surface _____Fiberglass _____Plaster
_____Painted Concrete _____Vinyl
Dimensions ________Length
________Depth at shallow end
________Depth at deep end
________Approximate Gallons
Pump Manufacturer ________________________________
Model Name ________________________________
Model # ____________________________________
Serial # ____________________________________
Filter Type _____Cartridge _____DE (Diatomaceous Earth)
_____DE Regenerative _____Sand
Filter Manufacturer ________________________________
Model Name ________________________________
Model # ____________________________________
Serial # ____________________________________
Sanitizer Type _____Biguanide _____Bromine
Automatic Purification Devices
Ozonator _____Y _____N
Ionizer _____Y ­­­_____N
Model Name____________________________________

How to calculate the amount of gallons in your pool:

D = Diameter
AD = Average depth is equal to the depth of the shallow end plus the depth of the deep end divided by 2
L = Length
W = Width
Rectangle or Square: L x W x AD x 7.5
Round: D x D x AD x 5.9
Oval: Full Length x Full Width x AD x 6.7
Kidney: Average W x Overall L x AD x 7.0

Document Equipment Information

Copy the serial and model numbers and brand names of your pool equipment. You’ll find little tags on your pump, usually on the top of the motor. On the filter, a label is usually glued to the side of the filter. The filter valve has a label on top, too. Don’t look for a label on the skimmer; look on the underside of the cover of the skimmer. Always bring an old or broken part to Central Jersey Pools to match the part with its replacement. We can identify your automatic vacuuming brand and model on sight.

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