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Pool Stains

Most every pool owner has experienced pool staining at one time or another. Stains are usually either organic or metallic in nature. Organic stains develop when leaves, pecans, or the like, sit on the pool floor for an extended period of time. Metallic stains typically occur when the pH becomes too low, corroding the heater or other metal pieces of pool equipment, causing the metal to be deposited on the pool surface. Another source of metallic stains is the overuse of copper-based algaecides. Stains can be one of the most difficult problems that most pool professionals deal with.
            In an initial attempt to rid a pool of stains, try Stain Lift by Poolife. It is a blend of three acids that are fairly effective in stain removal. If Stain Lift does not remove your stain, following are some more drastic recommended solutions for your stain problem.

Vinyl Pools
            Stains on vinyl pools are difficult to treat, as anything strong enough to remove the stain can potentially damage the liner. Try brushing the area while using intensive stain prevention. Liner replacement is sometimes the only alternative.

Fiberglass Pools
            Ascorbic acid has been used for years to treat staining in fiberglass pools. If you are unsuccessful with this approach, try contacting your fiberglass pool manufacturer to determine a solution.

Gunite Pools
            First, try brushing. If that is not effective, try applying chlorine or acid (but not both) to the affected area. If you are still unsuccessful, use wet/dry sandpaper and sand the stain off. Occasionally a gunite pool has to be drained and then acid washed or chlorine washed in order to remove the stain.
I’m sure after you read the solutions, it becomes obvious that the best solution is prevention. Intensive stain prevention is a great stain prevention product. It is a liquid chelating agent that is very effective in preventing stains.
If you do get a stain in your pool, find out what caused the stain and correct the situation in order to prevent any future reoccurrence.

– The information in this brochure is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Central Jersey Pools, or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information.
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