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A Pool Table from Central Jersey Pools is a quality investment in your home and lifestyle.
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Pool tables have long been considered a fine furniture investment, symbolizing sophistication, wealth, and refinement. Today, Manalapan homeowners continue to enhance their home’s decor and appeal with impressive Pool tables. At Central Jersey Pools, our wide selection of affordable and distinctive pool tables allows you to create an Old World elegance or a contemporary tournament setting in your home. Available in a range of prices, Central Jersey Pools has the perfect pool table to meet your decorating and budget.
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<h3>Fun, Easy and Engaging</h3>
Fun, easy, and engaging, billiards has become the fastest-growing leisure sport today, being the #1 choice for game rooms across the nation. Tournament quality Billiard Tables bring the challenge and fun of pool playing into the convenience of your Manalapan or Central Jersey home. Requiring no preparation or hassles, a billiard table at home is always ready to provide enjoyment and relaxation – improve your skills with a solo game, or host a tournament night with family and friends.
<h3>What are the benefits of playing billiards?</h3>
Benefits of this popular pastime include increased eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, and even practical application of geometry and physics. Additionally, playing billiards is a great way to bring your family together for quality time and interaction. In today’s hectic schedules, spending quality time together can be difficult to arrange. The obstacles are endless– too expensive to go out for entertainment, too complicated to arrange everyone’s schedule for the car ride, different interests among parents and children, etc. Whatever the reason, Manalapan and Central Jersey families are finding it more impossible to spend quality time together. Notice how the big goal for families today is simply eating dinner together?
With a billiard table from Central Jersey Pools in your home, you have a popular piece of entertainment everyone will look forward to enjoying. Challenging, easy, and interactive, each engaging game of pool will draw your family together for fun, conversation, and quality time.
<h3>What should I look for in a pool table?</h3>
A pool table is a piece of furniture on which you play games. As such, look for the same things you would look for in fine furniture, then look for those things that impact playability. Fine furniture should be well built,look good, fit the room decor and last generations. Quality construction, slate, cloth, cushions, and installation impact playability. In some cases the appropriate pool table is one without a fine furniture look, but it should still possess the playability factors.
<h3>Why do some pool tables cost more than others?</h3>
Buying a pool table is like buying fine furniture. In general, higher priced pool tables have more carving or intricate details. Other factors that impact the price are construction quality, wood species used, finish,pockets and other options. Its important to note that the price does not necessarily translate to a better playing pool table.
<h3>What are the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) specifications for a regulation table?</h3>
Measure the playing area from the cloth covered nose of inside cushion rubber to the opposite cushion rubber, both width and length. A regulation table has the following dimensions:4 x 8 table: Playing area 44" width by 88" length4 x 8 table: Playing area 46" width by 92" length4.5 x 9 table: Playing area 50" width by 100" length5 x 10 table: Playing area 56" width by 112" length(notice the length is twice the width)
<h3>How do I take care of the cloth on my billiard table?</h3>
First keep the table covered when you are not using it. this will protect the table from dirt particles, which can breakdown, the cloth fibers and shorten the life of the cloth.To clean dirt and dust use a billiard table brush. Brush the cloth regularly. Brush the bed cloth away from the nameplate. brush the rails clockwise. after brushing, wipe pockets or pocket liners with a damp cloth to remove lint. Brushing helps remove dirt, chalk, dust, and lint from both the bed and cushions. If extra cleaning is needed you can use a felt cleaner, and/or occasionally vacuum the table. When using a vacuum make sure to use a mild suction with a fine brush attachment. Vacuum the table the same way you brush the table. When a new cloth has been used for a short time, small half moon spots will appear. These are cue stabs which are caused by players allowing their cues to come into contact with the cloth after striking the ball. These marks will gradually become less noticeable as the cloth ages. This type of damage is caused more frequently if the edges of tips or ferrules are allowed to become sharp or rough or if the tips do not exactly fit the cue. The dropping of balls or rough placing of rests can cause similar blemishes.
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