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Popular Pool Fences

When perusing the many types of pool fencing available to you in New Jersey, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. But it’s imperative to install a fence that’s not only sturdy and well-structured but secure and safe as well. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have an attractive fence that enhances the beauty of your pool area.
Let’s take a look at the most popular pool fences today:

Glass Panel

Constructed of tempered glass, this type of fence is surprisingly durable. Plus, glass panel fences are transparent so you don’t get an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. Just remember that while beautiful, glass fencing is tough to keep clean with kids and pets around. They tend to show handprints and streaking quite easily. Glass is an expensive option, costing between five and 25 times more than, say, mesh fencing.

Vertical Bar

Versatile when it comes to material, style and color, vertical bar fencing can be made from anything from wrought iron and vinyl to wood and aluminum. It’s important to select a material that won’t get readily damaged or experience too much wear and tear over the years. Wrought iron fences are nice because they’re elegant and don’t obstruct views of your pool area. However, by that same token, they don’t afford much privacy either. Plus, they can rust over time.
Wood is great because of its natural and classic look, as well as its ability to be stained or painted any color. On the other hand, wood will obstruct the natural view of your pool (but will provide some degree of privacy) and will rot and split over time if you don’t take care of it.

Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

Removable mesh pool fences are a highly sought after type of fence due to their transparency, easy installation and use, and safety. They are also removable and storable. As one of the most popular fences designed for residential swimming pool safety, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product. Just make sure your mesh fence manufacturer meets the approval standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
If you’re looking for a pool safety barrier that is low in cost, versatile, durable, beautiful and convenient, a mesh pool fence is the way to go. To learn more, call Central Jersey Pool at 732-462-5005.

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