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Purchasing a Hot Tub

Top Tips For Buying a Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub is a significant investment that should ideally provide you with enjoyment for a minimum of 15 years. During this span, consistent maintenance such as cleaning, maintaining water pH balance, regular chemical treatments, and occasional equipment servicing will be necessary. Similar to buying a car, the initial cost should be supplemented by long-term upkeep expenses.

Buying Hot Tub - There Are Tons of Options  

In many ways, buying a hot tub mirrors the process of purchasing a car, offering a plethora of options. Hot tubs vary from accommodating two individuals to as many as ten. Some models are basic, featuring a few water jets and simple seating, while others boast luxurious features like built-in speakers and underwater lighting. Though certain high-end models can rival the cost of a new car, dependable and durable hot tubs are available at more affordable prices. For example, some reputable hot tubs start around $5000.

Proper Prep is Essential

Prior to installing a hot tub, prepping your home is essential. This could be as straightforward as creating a level surface using sand and concrete pavers. However, more complex installations might require a professional contractor, especially if adjustments like reinforcing a deck to support the weight are necessary. Additionally, a licensed electrician may be needed to install a 220-volt power line.

Rely on a Specialized Store

Given these considerations, it is highly recommended to collaborate with a local specialized hot tub dealership instead of opting for major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco or Sam’s Club. Specialized dealers offer a broader array of options and knowledgeable salespeople who can guide you through your choices. They can also provide advice on site preparation and manufacturer specifications to ensure safe installation. Moreover, these dealerships handle the installation and setup of the hot tub, unlike big-box stores that merely drop off the product, leaving you responsible for the rest.

When selecting a dealership, it's crucial to prioritize credibility and longevity. Look for dealers with an established service department who don't outsource their warranty work. This ensures that your warranty will be honored and serviced as needed. Unlike national retailers that often shift warranty responsibilities to the customer and manufacturer, reliable local dealerships take care of warranty matters. Definitely don’t purchase from a Spa show in a parking lot.

It's important to note that big-box stores only deliver the hot tub to your location, leaving you to manage the process of moving it to your backyard or deck.

Once you've identified dealerships meeting these criteria, take the time to visit a few or make inquiries over the phone. Since most dealerships carry products from just a couple of manufacturers, shopping around exposes you to a wider range of options. Additionally, interacting with different dealerships will help you gauge their sales approach and customer service quality.

In your quest for a hot tub, avoid impulsive decisions and don’t settle for the first option you see. Avoid   purchasing a hot tub from a non-specialized store, as these "straggler" options may lack durability and adequate service support. Choosing wisely now can prevent disappointment down the line, ensuring a satisfying hot tub experience over the years.

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