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Pool Renovation

We’re an industry leader in creating unique, personalized swimming pool designs that work for every family. 

Pool Renovations

New Pools

Looking at above ground swimming pools, but don’t know what you need? Considering the different options for inground swimming pools, but aren’t sure if you have the right space? 

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Liner Replacement

One of the most important features of your pool is the vinyl liner. At Central Jersey Pools, we handle repairs and replacements for every size and shape inground and above ground pool liners.

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Safety Covers

Pool safety covers have come a long way – and we should know! Central Jersey Pools has been installing pools and pool safety covers for 62 years.

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How to Resurface your Concrete Pool Deck or Patio with RenuKrete

With RenuKrete (TM), you can turn your concrete pool deck or patio into a unique piece of art that is practical, wonderful and cost-effective. If you have a concrete deck in your backyard, around your swimming pool or in the front of your home, RenuKrete (TM) allows you to avoid the mess and high costs of removing your deck. Our skilled and trained RenuKrete artisans work closely with you to develop a vision for your property, using the deck that has served you well for years.

Cracks in your deck? No problem! RenuKrete makes these cracks disappear! Looking for an updated walkway or concrete porch? RenuKrete can do that, too! Choose from existing themes like Sand Dunes or Desert Flagstone, or create your own! Then watch how our artisans transform your deck into an area that resembles natural flagstones or pavers.

A Natural Look and Feel for your Concrete Pool Deck or Patio

RenuKrete (TM) is a concrete pool deck resurfacing technology that sculpts your existing deck into the look and feel of natural stone, preserving its natural texture. Unlike other resurfacing techniques for concrete pool decks and patios that create commercial-looking, overly glossy and sometimes slippery surfaces, RenuKrete maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

RenuKrete - Before & After Pictures

With RenuKrete, your concrete pool deck or patio does not have to be removed.   Check out these before & after shots.


RenuKrete FAQ's

Customer Question:
My concrete deck has a few minor cracks, nothing big. Can RenuKrete still be installed?

RenuKrete answer:
Yes, absolutely. With RenuKrete, small and most big cracks can be permanently sealed. When done, chances are you will not even be able to find where the original crack was!

Customer Question:
How can I be sure that RenuKrete does not crack and chip off like other overlay products?

RenuKrete answer:
RenuKrete is not an overlay. Instead of building material on-top of your concrete, we alter your deck mechanically and chemically to the look and feel of natural stone. We go down into the concrete, not on-top of it.

Customer Question:
Why should I not just rip out my deck and pour new concrete?

RenuKrete answer:
Besides the fact that a RenuKrete installation is 20-30% less expensive, the results are vastly different. While with a new concrete pouring you sit on another "sidewalk" next to your pool, with RenuKrete you get the look and feel of natural stone. RenuKrete looks as if you spent $30,000, not $10,000 !

RenuKrete Testimonials

Steve Lisi, Montville, NJ:
"The guys at RenuKrete are a first class team. From the Owner to the site manager to the guys doing the heavy lifting - they all take pride in what they are doing and that translates into amazing results. Could not be happier with the decision to go with RenuKrete."Patio_v03

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