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Runners: How Your Hot Tub can Improve Recovery Time

Use your hot tub to aid your workouts…

With so many health benefits to hot tubs, it’s no wonder they’re a hit with runners. As a runner, you often have sore muscles that need some special TLC. Use your hot tub to aid your workouts and encourage your muscles to recover at a faster pace.
If you can, immerse yourself in the hot tub for just a few minutes before you go out on your run to loosen up the muscles. Do this any longer than five minutes and you risk dehydration and muscle fatigue. Drink plenty of water – at least two cups one hour before your workout. Hydrate every quarter hour during your run.
If you want to take a dip in the hot tub upon returning from your run, wait at least a half hour. This is because your muscles and joints are inflamed already and adding hot water will elevate your blood flow. It’s best to just leave the soak till later in the day.
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