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OmniHub can be quickly and easily installed by a pool technician and will control virtually every piece of equipment, including: filter pumps, heaters, pool/spa lighting, spa settings, AquaRite® salt systems, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features.

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Sand Filter Super Pump

Lower your energy costs with the Hayward® energy-efficient line of products. From the Hayward Universal H-series heater to the TriStar® pump, the Hayward Energy Solutions® line of products reduce the costs that go into operating a pool.

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Experience True Luxury with a Salt Water Pool

You haven’t experienced great swimming until you’ve spent time in a salt water pool. At Central Jersey Pools, our fully trained technicians and designers can design, install or convert your existing pool into a salt water pool. We use only the highest quality products from trusted, name brand manufacturers, so we know our products last. We’ve built our reputation for excellence over the last 57 years; you can trust our family to give your family the ultimate swimming experience.

The Truth about Salt-to-Chlorine Generator Systems

More and more New Jersey homeowners are switching to salt into chlorine generator systems for their pools. That’s because salt water pool systems offer a lot of benefits that a traditional pool doesn’t. When you use a salt/chlorine generator:

•    You save money on chemicals. Salt water pool systems make their own chlorine, so you don’t need to add tablets or shock the pool.
•    You save time with maintenance. Sure, you still need to vacuum the pool, but you spend less time balancing the chemicals or pumping water out. Central Jersey Pools offers weekly pool service packages to eliminate the time you’d spend on maintenance, giving you more time for fun in the sun with your family.
•    You save your swimwear and towels. Chlorine can bleach your swimsuits and your towels over time. Because salt water pools require less chlorine to keep your pool clean and sanitized, your bathing suits are less likely to wear out or change colors.
•    You experience true comfort when you swim. Salt water is softer on the skin and hair, and doesn’t affect family members who suffer with asthma or allergies.

You can use a saltwater pool filter in an above ground or inground pool, so you don’t need to remodel your entire backyard – unless you want to! – when you convert. And while the initial cost isn’t as inexpensive as a standard vinyl liner pool, you reap the benefits for years to come, in both the time you spend with your family and in your wallet.
Converting to a saltwater pool filter is the first step in an amazing swimming experience. Central Jersey Pools can help you make the switch. Call 732.462.5005 to schedule a FREE in-home estimate or visit our superstore in Freehold, NJ for all your pool, spa and outdoor living needs.

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