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Soothe Yourself Into Sore Muscle Relief with a Hot Tub

Got nagging aches and pains? Muscle pain in legs? Circulation problems? Are you an athlete looking to perform your best? From benefiting sleep issues, to helping medical conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, the health benefits of a hot tub or spa are hard to deny. That’s because the heat, buoyancy and massage elements of a hot tub can provide a number of healing side effects.

Why You Need a Hot Tub for Sore Muscles and Pain

1. Stress Relief and Sleep Benefits
The healing power of hot tubs can relieve stress and improve sleep. The soothing heat and massaging jets can actually reduce the tension that’s keeping you from sleeping. Plus, the effect of weightlessness you feel due to the water buoyancy can also do wonders for relaxation.
2. Relaxation of Muscle Pain in Legs and Joint Pain Relief
Those massaging hot tub jets work their magic on joint and muscle pain, and relieve pressure on nerves. The buoyancy actually reduces you body weight by up to 90 percent, taking pressure off joints and relieving sore muscles. Speaking of joint and muscle pain, the Arthritis Foundation found that sore muscle relief, increased movement, and decreased pain and stiffness are all potential benefits from heat therapies such as soaking in a hot tub.
3. Blood Pressure and Circulation
You should not only use hot tubs for sore muscles.  A hot tub can help your blood vessels open up (called vasodilation), which will actually decrease your blood pressure. The heat and massage of a hot spa ease blood flow and improve circulation, in addition to stimulating nerve impulses that boost the immune system and digestion.
4. Chronic Pain and Fatigue Reductions
It’s been shown that hot tub therapy may help people with medical conditions that cause joint and muscle pain and fatigue. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers can get pain relief from soaking in a hot tub and performing some light stretches while in the water.
5. Reduce Your Risk of Injury
Healthy bodies can reap the benefits as well. Soaking in a hot tub before you work out can help loosen up your muscles, preventing sore muscle pain. This makes it easier to exercise and reduces your chances of suffering an injury. Depending on your sport or activity, soaking in a hot tub before exercising can even help improve performance. When muscles are loose and ready your agility and speed can get quite a boost.
6. Reduce Soreness and Stiffness
Relieving sore muscles and stiffness are two very common goals that athletes have. Most athletes experience the soreness and stiffness the day after they exercise, and sometimes many days later. Warm water therapy in a hot tub helps your blood vessels expand, increasing blood flow to the muscles and skin, helping to prevent soreness and stiffness.
No matter what you’re looking to achieve with a hot tub or spa, everyone experiences those times where you just want to shut the entire world off and turn off your brain. Imagine escaping to your backyard at night, by yourself, and just soaking the stress away, while you gaze up at the stars. There’s nothing quite like it!

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