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Spa Relaxation, Stress Relief, and fun!

Spa Relaxation, Stress Relief, and fun!

You made a wise choice in getting a spa and it should be fun! Relieving aches and pains, reducing stress and tension, and enjoying better health are some of the many benefits of owning a spa.

Water is a life source

Water is wonderful: it cleanses, it relieves thirst, it soothes, and it invigorates. It provides places to swim, boat, and fish. It grows forests and wheat fields. When it is frozen, it provides exciting moments when we ice skate, ski, and throw snowballs. It manifests softly as rain, mist, fog, and dew. Along with the sun, it makes rainbows.

Central Jersey Pools has set new standards of elegance and performance since Jacuzzi introduced one of the first hot tubs. Many people mistakenly call any container that circulates water a Jacuzzi. For informational purposes, let’s agree to call a hot tub a spa.

Spas from Central Jersey Pools keep the same water fresh and clean for weeks with chemicals similar to those used to sanitize your drinking water.
A jetted tub is not a spa. It’s used for a jet water massage, bathing with soap, and then it is drained. All spas are not created equal. There are even exercise spas. Visit Central Jersey Pools to see the best brands and the marvelous things they can do.

We invite you to be aware of how the spa works its wonders. As you use your spa, you’ll realize the 4 R’s of spa: Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Renewal, and Retreat!


Bring your tired, aching, knotted muscles, to this marvelous place of relaxation: the spa.
You don’t need to do anything special to get great satisfaction from your spa or hot tub. Just immerse your body into the water. Then, if you wish, turn on the pump, aim the jets, and take a magical massage!

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