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Spruce up the Concrete Around Your Pool

Spruce up the Concrete Around Your Pool – The concrete decking around your pool acts as a frame, if you will, for all that sparkling water. If the decking is cracked, faded and neglected, your pool will look dated and dangerous. The best way to spruce up your pool area is to ensure the concrete looks good. Take back pride in your deck and learn how to return your pool area to its former glory.

Cracks: Why They Form
Cracks are the #1 culprit when it comes to sullying the look of your pool area. They can also present safety issues. You can repair some of the smaller ones yourself but you have to keep on top of them so they don’t become bigger issues down the road. It’s a fact of life that concrete cracks. It happens with the freeze and thaw cycles through the seasons as the concrete expands and contracts.
From product failure to sub-par installation, there are many other reasons why concrete can crack. The key is to realize it happens to everyone and that it should be repaired as soon as possible.

In addition to their ugly appearance, cracks also pose a danger to those using your pool area. Kids can stub toes and trip, scraping their knees or even falling into the pool.
But there is also a danger to the overall health of your pool area. If cracks are left to fester, water can get in them and get behind the pool beam, leading to soil shifting. This problem gets compounded when more and more water is allowed to seep in.

Patching Small Cracks
Like we said above, you can patch some small cracks on your own with a DIY approach. Gather up the right supplies: a garden hose, liquid bonder and dry deck repair powder in the same color of your deck.

  • Wash the deck with the hose to get all debris out.
  • Inspect for hollow areas and chip away until you get a solid surface.
  • Mix liquid bonder and powder, using a trowel to blend it.
  • Using your hands, place the paste into the cracks, making sure to fill in all spots.
  • Use a damp sponge to wipe off excess material.

Other Tips

In addition to cracks, there are other causes of unsightly pool decking, such as staining. You can combat this staining by not allowing drinks and food around the decking. Designate approved areas for food and drink, such as a table on the patio. If drinks do spill, wipe them up or hose them off right away.
Brush off debris every time you use the pool area. Twigs, leaves and dirt can all cause staining if allowed to stay there for long periods of time.
Pressure wash the concrete yearly or as needed. Apply a sealant to protect the concrete as well. You don’t want dirt, algae and grime to spoil the look of your pool area. 
If you face larger issues that require a professional, turn to the experts at Central Jersey Pool at 732-462-5005.

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