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Swimming Pool Owners Money Saving Tips

It can get pretty expensive to own a pool! However, the joy you derive from it likely surpasses the money you’re spending. Still, it would be nice to keep some money in your wallet when you can. Here are some money-saving tips to consider:

  • Use a solar cover: In conjunction with your pool heater, use a solar cover to help keep the heat inside the pool. This cover will also pull double duty, keeping out debris as well. Crank the heater, then use the cover all night to retain the temperature you like. You can even try a liquid solar blanket at a cheaper cost, plus it’s easier to use.
  • Store your vacuum head upside down: If you’re storing it brush-down, you’re damaging the bristles, which will cause you to need to replace the head more often than you should. Double its life if you store the brush correctly and out of the sun.
  • Try baking soda instead of alkalinity increaser. If you have found that your pool is too alkaline, try a little bit of baking soda instead of spending a lot of money on alkalinity increaser from the pool store. Just use a little though, as it could turn your water slightly cloudy.
  • Close the pool yourself: If you have an above ground pool and it’s time to close it down for the season, try closing it yourself instead of hiring a professional and spending upwards of $250. From adding chemicals to removing drain plugs, there are many steps that go into pool closing. Make sure you have researched the process thoroughly before attempting; otherwise, you could end up doing more damage if you skip a step or don’t do it right. Then, you’ll have to shell out money come spring when the pros have to correct that mistake.
  • Keep it clean: Throughout winter, keep your pool cover clean and free from debris. Use a pool cover pump to remove any accumulating water from the cover on a regular basis. When dry, remove leaves and other debris with a broom.
  • Run the pump at night: You’ll save money on electricity costs, which are highest during peak times of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Shock every week: The worst thing you can do is skip a week of pool shocking when you think everything is going well. Miss a week and you may find that your pool has turned green and murky. Now you have to triple shock it just to return to its previous levels. This can get expensive with treatments as well as running the pump for longer periods of time.

For more tips or to book service, call Central Jersey Pools. We have the equipment and know-how to keep your pool looking great all year long.

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