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SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools

SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools

Swim USA Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to manufacturing premium quality inground fiberglass swimming pools.

Swim USA Pools is a leading inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer. Our pools are manufactured with pride in the United States of America and are available through a network of dealers.

Have the comfort of knowing your kids are safe in their own backyard, having fun and staying healthy! Avoid the expenses and headaches of traveling for a getaway – just grab your towel and go! Give your pet a healthy, comfortable place to relax too! Make the most of your home and enjoy every bit of your property, inside and out!

Studies have shown the benefits of aquatic therapy as it can help to increase your strength and mobility. Swimming also builds up endurance, increases muscular flexibility and balance, and helps the heart muscle become stronger.

Best Warranty in the Industry

SwimUSA Pools is the ONLY fiberglass pool manufacturer that offers PLATINUM WARRANTY COVERAGE, which includes a TRANSFERRABLE 50-YEAR STRUCTURAL Warranty AND a limited COMPREHENSIVE SURFACE Warranty, not offered by any other fiberglass pool manufacturer.


Quality before Quantity

At SwimUSA is QUALITY before QUANTITY. We have a different view than most in the pool industry, our EMPHASIS is on the overall experience our customer has from their decision to purchase a pool to the expert installation of the final product.

The new management at SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools doesn’t adversely view our competition, whether a consumer selects a Gunite, Vinyl, or Fiberglass pool our ultimate goal is to provide a high quality fiberglass pool with expert installation. We feel that poorly made pools and incompetent installations are a blemish on the industry; an improperly installed pool or spa hurts everyone not just the consumer.

SwimUSA values the importance of Integrity and professionalism, we are taking the lead in the manufacturing of quality Fiberglass Pools. We constantly test our materials to ensure our product is at the highest industry standard for strength and durability. We EMPHASIZE the importance of constant training to ensure our installers are qualified to properly transport, handle, set, and install your pool or spa. Improperly installed pools can shift, crack, sink or pop over time, improper installation will not only damage the pool shell itself but may also damage the decking and landscaping surrounding your place in the sun.

The dealers and installers are joined by qualified SwimUSA staff members to ensure your project is carefree from start to finish.

SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools provides the ONLY 3-year WARRANTY in the industry against whitening and hazing of the Gel Coat when properly maintained.

SwimUSA is a manufacturer that takes pride in our qualified dealers, installers and staff. An educated consumer is our best customer!


Questions For Getting Started With SwimUSA

Your preferred design may affect the type of pool that's best suited for you, whether it's an above-ground pool, an in-ground pool, or a semi-inground pool.

Similarly, the size of your backyard and your anticipated usage of the pool may also influence the type of pool that would work best for you. For example, if you have a smaller backyard, an above-ground pool may be a better choice, while an in-ground pool might be ideal for a larger space.

Ultimately, the pool you choose should reflect your individual needs and preferences. By working with a reputable pool contractor like Central Jersey Pools, you can get the guidance you need to make an informed decision about which pool is right for you.

Budget: Understanding of your budget is crucial when selecting the type of pool. This can help us determine what type of pool you can afford and what features you can add to the project.

Pool costs can vary widely based on factors such as the type of pool, its size, and the materials used in its construction. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced pool contractor like Central Jersey Pools can help you get a more accurate estimate of the costs involved and develop a plan that meets your needs and budget.

It's also important to consider other factors beyond just the cost of the pool itself, such as landscaping, patio construction, and any additional features or amenities you want to include. We can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that fits within your budget.

Fiberglass Pools - Fiberglass pools are known for their ease of maintenance, and one of the main reasons for this is the non-porous surface of the pool's gelcoat.

The gelcoat of a fiberglass pool is a smooth, durable, and non-porous layer that is applied to the pool's surface during the manufacturing process. Because it is non-porous, it does not allow for the absorption of dirt, debris, or algae, making it much easier to keep clean and maintain compared to other types of pools that have more porous surfaces.

This non-porous surface also means that the water chemistry in a fiberglass pool is easier to maintain. Because the pool water does not come into contact with the underlying pool structure, there is less chance of the water becoming unbalanced due to chemical

Vinyl Liner Pools -

Vinyl liner pools require a moderate amount of maintenance to keep them clean and functioning properly. Like any pool, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety and enjoyment of swimmers.

Some of the maintenance tasks for a vinyl liner pool include:

  1. Testing and balancing the water chemistry: The water chemistry in a vinyl liner pool should be tested and adjusted regularly to ensure that the pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels are within the appropriate ranges.

  2. Cleaning the pool walls and floor: The vinyl liner of the pool should be brushed or vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate on the surface. It's important to use the appropriate cleaning tools to avoid damaging the liner.

  3. Skimming debris from the surface: Debris such as leaves, insects, and other small particles should be skimmed from the surface of the pool using a pool skimmer or net.

  4. Maintaining the pool equipment: The pool's pump, filter, and other equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are functioning properly.

  5. Winterizing the pool: In colder climates, the pool should be winterized to protect it from freezing temperatures and damage.

interactions with the pool surface.

When planning to install a pool in your backyard, there may be certain limitations that you need to consider. Some of the most common backyard limitations for a pool include:

  1. Available space: The size of your backyard will determine the size and type of pool that you can install. If you have a small backyard, you may need to consider a smaller pool or a pool with a more compact design.

  2. Slope or elevation: If your backyard has a slope or uneven terrain, it may require additional excavation and construction to install a pool. This can add to the cost and complexity of the project.

  3. Access and utilities: Your backyard should have adequate access and utilities for the construction and maintenance of a pool. This includes space for heavy equipment to enter and exit, as well as access to electrical and plumbing connections.

  4. Zoning and building codes: Local zoning and building codes may restrict the size and location of a pool in your backyard. It's important to check with your local authorities to ensure that your pool project is compliant with all regulations.

  5. Sun exposure and shade: The amount of sun exposure and shade in your backyard can affect the temperature and comfort of your pool. You may need to consider the orientation of the pool and the use of shade structures or landscaping to provide additional shade.

Overall, it's important to assess your backyard's limitations before beginning a pool project to ensure that you can install a pool that meets your needs and fits within your budget and backyard space. A professional pool builder like Central Jersey Pools can help you assess these limitations and provide recommendations for the best pool options for your backyard.

Thursday Pools is a fiberglass pool manufacturer based in Fortville, Indiana. The company is known for its innovative designs and high-quality manufacturing processes, which produce durable and long-lasting fiberglass pools. Thursday Pools offers a range of pool shapes and sizes, including traditional and contemporary designs, as well as features like tanning ledges, integrated spas, and customizable LED lighting.

One of Thursday Pools' unique features is their self-cleaning technology, which they call "Backfill Eliminator Technology." This technology allows the pool shell to be installed without backfill material, which helps to reduce the risk of soil compaction and settling over time. It also provides better drainage around the pool, which can help prevent damage due to water buildup.

Thursday Pools also offers a variety of pool accessories, including pool covers, water features, and pool automation systems. Additionally, they have a strong focus on customer service and support, offering a limited lifetime warranty on their pool shells and providing resources and assistance for pool installation and maintenance.

Overall, Thursday Pools is a well-respected and reputable fiberglass pool manufacturer known for their quality products and innovative features.


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