How Do I Repair a Pool Liner?

a vinyl liner pool like this one may need to repair a pool liner leak

You’re having a pool get-together with family and friends next week. Your food is prepared, your house is clean, and your patio equipment is washed and ready. But wait, what is that? A pool liner leak? Oh no! Your mind races as you instantly go into how-to-fix-it-in-the-fastest-possible-way mode. You may be thinking that repairing a pool…

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What You Need to Know About In-Ground Pool Liners

Inground pool liners should be replaced about every seven to 10 years. Pool liners are necessary to protect the interior of your pool and provide a smooth barrier between you and the hard concrete or other material below. They are most often made of vinyl, durable enough to withstand vacuuming, pool toys and the occasional…

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