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The Best Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance will keep your hot tub running in tip-top shape. There are simple tips to maintaining your hot tub on a regular basis that are easy to do. Bet you never thought of these before!
<strong>Throw Tennis Balls in the Water
Yup, you heard right: tennis balls. The fibers on these balls are ideal for extracting oils, lotions and soaps that accumulate in the water from clothing and skin. This will lessen the work your filter will have to do to get rid of these extractions.
<strong>Raid the Pantry</strong>
Got white vinegar in the pantry? Use it to wipe down your tub or pour it down the drain for the ultimate in affordable hot tub care. To clean the cover, use a solution of water and some bleach to prevent mildew.
<strong>Test the Water Weekly</strong>
Using test trips, make sure the chemicals in your hot tub are properly balanced.
<strong>Drain Your Tub Regularly</strong>
You should drain and clean your hot tub faithfully at least every three to four months to keep the water clean and keep bacteria from growing.
Central Jersey Pools is happy to assist with your regular hot tub maintenance tasks. Call us at 732-462-5005 or check out our superstore in Freehold, NJ.

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