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The History of Spas

The History of Spas

So easy a cave man can do it

The baths have a long history. Before the Romans became famous for their marvelous baths, no doubt a stressed out Cro-Magnon slipped into a steaming water hole fed by an underground hot spring, now called a geothermal spring.

More recent Bathers

In Europe, the Finns, Norwegians, Russians, Slavs, and Turks all “take the waters”. The Turkish baths are legendary, and many say the Russian baths are wonderful as well.
Baden-Baden in Germany translates roughly as Baths-Baths. This world wide attraction draws people from everywhere experience soaking in the waters that are renowned for their healthful effects. It acts as a cleansing of the spirit.
Bath, England is a place where Romans did what they did best, built Roman baths. In marble halls, one can visit and feel the majesty of these once highly attended public facilities.
In Iceland, geothermal springs provide eternally hot water to swimming pools. The locals and travelers from Europe, Japan, and the USA get the chance to swim in water temperatures ranging in the 80’s F (27° C). Ambient air temperatures range between the 30’s and 70’s F (-1 to 22° C).
Asia is a hot spot for spas. If you visit Japan, for example, be sure someone explains the hot spring and spa protocol before disrobing and jumping in. There are separate facilities for men and women, very few facilities allow both sexes in the waters together.
All spas offer the potential for people to interact socially. Spas and baths are part of our civilized world.
Western hemisphere hot tubs. A wine vat supposedly became the first hot tub or spa. Historians say a California winemaker fell into the tub while testing a batch of wine. Barrel crafters probably made the first hot tub. A Californian may not have been the first to have fallen into a wine vat; grape stompers were up to their knees in wine for centuries all over the grape growing world.
The first time someone fell into warm, mulled wine, the inspiration for soaking in hot liquid may have been born. This is speculation, nevertheless, we may ask why today’s spas aren’t wine based? Forget that, Just enjoy what you have.

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