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We understand that building an in-ground pool can seem overwhelming, but we are here to guide you through the process from start to finish. Read our in-depth guide to learn everything you need to know about buying an in-ground pool.

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New Pools

Looking at above ground swimming pools, but don’t know what you need? Considering the different options for inground swimming pools, but aren’t sure if you have the right space? 

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Fox Pools

Fox pools use some of the same technology used in building bridges, tall buildings, water towers, and other structures

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Safety Covers

Pool safety covers have come a long way – and we should know! Central Jersey Pools has been installing pools and pool safety covers for 62 years.

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Thursday Pools - Fiberglass Pools

Create a style that is all your own with a fiberglass pool.

Whether you’re looking to transform your backyard into a place to entertain family and friends, create a tranquil private getaway or establish an exercise routine that your friends will envy, Thursday Pools has a variety of inground pool designs to meet your needs. We crafted our pools based on the way our customers use them most. Here you’ll find a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to help you create a style that is uniquely yours.


16' x 33' 6' | 16' x 37' 6'4" | 16' x 41' 6'8"

Goliath Brochure Download





14' x 35' 5'6" - 16′ x 35′ 5'6" - 16′ x 40′ 5'10"

Aspen Brochure Download


Grace Beach Entry

14' x 36' 5'8" - 16' x 36' 5'8" - 16' x 40' 5'10"

Grace Beach Entry Brochure Download


Lil Bob LX

13.5′ x 35.5′ 4’6″

Lil Bob LX Brochure Download


Lil Bob

13.5′ x 27.5′ 4’6″

Lil Bob Brochure Download



12' x 26' 5'5" - 14′ x 33′ 5’10”

Titus Brochure Download



16' x 36' 5'10"  -  16′ x 40′ 5'10"

Wellspring Brochure Download


Cathedral LX

16' x 36' 5'8"  -  16' x 40' 6'

Cathedral LX Brochure Download





13.5' x 40' 4'6"

Spirit Brochure Download


Sea Turtle

9.5' x 19.5' 4'6"

Sea Turtle Brochure Download


Sandal Beach Entry

16' x 34.5' 5'8"  - 16' x 39' 5'8"

Sandal Beach Entry Brochure Download



15' x 25' 3'9"

Pearl Brochure Download


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