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Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Tips

Maximizing your backyard potential with an outdoor kitchen is a wise move for any New Jersey homeowner. It should be stylish as well as functional so you can add versatility, value and fun to your outdoor space. Just keep these five tips in mind.

  1. Come up with a layout: Building the foundation for your outdoor kitchen starts with a layout and plan for your flooring. Consider the weather, weight of the appliances you plan to install, and usage. For example, if you have a pool and lots of foot traffic, keep in mind that tile and marble flooring can get very slippery when wet. They also don’t tolerate grease or food stains well.
  2. Choose location wisely: Simple research and planning will help you avoid problems later on. Don’t place your grill too close to the home. This is a fire hazard but also the smoke from your cooking can waft into the main living area. Place the kitchen area relatively close to the back door of your home if you frequently entertain. You don’t want to have to travel long distances to bring out food, cook and chat with guests. Separate your kitchen visually from the pool area with a decorative retaining wall.
  3. Consider appliance size: How big your appliances are will determine how big your kitchen should be. If you love to cook and prep in front of your guests, make sure there are plenty of counters next to your grilling station. Stagger the heights of those counters for various purposes and for visual appeal: one for prep, one for eating, and one for resting beverages and standing.
  4. Incorporate storage: Just like your indoor kitchen, you’ll need plenty of storage for your outdoor one. This will keep clutter at bay and make it easier to find what you need. From counter tops to cabinets, choose the materials wisely as they should be waterproof and able to withstand wild temperature changes.
  5. Add ambiance: Functional is nice, but your outdoor kitchen should be beautiful as well as welcoming to guests. Bring the comforts of the indoors outside, with cozy patio furniture, chairs, couches and plenty of seating for eating. Specialty lighting that you can adjust according to mood can add to the ambiance as well. Consider adding a water feature such as a fountain or small pond. Add a flat screen TV for entertaining for the big game, or perhaps a fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

The whole point of your outdoor kitchen is to create a safe, comfortable space to relax and entertain. Let Central Jersey Pools help you create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of with a brand new inground pool. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!

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