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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need an Automated Hot Tub Cover

This type of cover is just as it sounds: it’s completely automated
So you’ve got yourself a hot tub, huh? Congratulations! Welcome to a lifetime of relaxation, fun get togethers, and romantic nights under the stars. No matter the reason you got your hot tub in the first place, it’s important to keep it protected. The easiest way to do this when not in use is to have a quality automated hot tub cover for ease of operation. This type of cover is just as it sounds: it’s completely automated so all you have to do is turn a key and voila! Your hot tub is covered till the next time you want to use it. Here are seven reasons why you should have an automated hot tub cover.
1. Long lasting service life. This cover is tough and durable, built to last. You want to choose one that’s got at least a decade-long warranty to protect you in the event something goes wrong with it or it gets damaged out of your control. You also want one that can hold a lot of weight – preferably up to 600 pounds. One that can withstand high winds up to 50 mph is also desirable.
2. Tight seal. When you lock your cover, you want to make sure it’s going to get a very tight seal so no water can evaporate.
3. Insulation. A good hot tub cover is all about insulation and energy efficiency, and will save you about $100 a year on heating costs.
4. Ease of use. Using just a key, you can automatically cover and seal your hot tub with no heavy lifting and hassle required. Your back will thank you! No more heavy cover to lift, hoist and secure.
5. No unauthorized access. Because you hold the key to the hot tub cover, only you can authorize the opening and closing. This means no one else can uncover it for you and enjoy time in YOUR hot tub. This also goes for kids and animals, too, presenting a critical safety element.
6. Excellent investment. When you purchase an automated hot tub cover, you’re making a long-term investment in a low maintenance cover that boosts the property value of your home and always looks great season after season.
7. Optional add-ons available. To really add to the comfort and easy use of your hot tub, you can purchase cozy add-ons to enhance the whole experience. These items include shades, screens and even decorative murals that allow for your complete privacy as well as total enjoyment when you’re in your hot tub.
Pleasing addition to your hot tub and pool area
Make the neighbors jealous with an automated hot tub cover that not only keeps the rain and snow out but that also offers an aesthetically pleasing addition to your hot tub and pool area. Enjoy the romance of a cool night under the stars in a bubbly hot tub, or invite the kids in for a fun family time. When finished for the day, use your automated hot tub cover to keep the elements out and preserve the water and chemicals so your oasis is ready for the next party!

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