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Top 7 Tips for Getting the Pool Ready

Top 7 Tips for Getting the Pool Ready – If you’re like most pool owners, you don’t look forward to opening your pool. However, it’s absolutely critical to do it the right way and follow all the steps. Sometimes, you may see a green color to your water and you might panic. This is normal, but you’ll need the right chemicals to restore its crystal clear color.

Check out these top seven tips to getting your pool ready:

  1. Call a friend. You can open the pool by yourself but it’s really a lot easier if you have a friend or two. Call a buddy and let them help you. This will take the physical burden off you plus it’s much more fun.
  2. Open your pool early. Don’t wait till the dog days of summer when it’s too hot to do work. You don’t want to sweat and feel faint, because the tasks you have to do are physically exhausting. Also, it’s easier to get an appointment with your pool technician in late spring than early summer because they tend to get booked up. There are also a lot of good deals at the pool supply store that you can take advantage of in the early season. In addition, you’ll keep algae at bay when you open your pool early because algae thrive in damp, dark, warm places.
  3. Gather your supplies. Before you start, make a checklist and gather all the supplies you will need, such as telescopic pole, chemicals, skimmers, vacuum hose, test kits, and pool brush.
  4. Get the filter going and keep it going. If you’re seeing cloudy or green water, you’ll need to ensure your filter and pump are working over-time to get your water clear again. Do this 24/7 at first, then 10 to 12 hours a day.
  5. Use one source of information. Everyone has different advice as to how to best open a pool, from your local pool supply store to online sources to your trusted pool installation company. Choose one source and stick with it. Usually, your pool technician is the best source of information because they are highly trained and experienced.
  6. Add shock. With chlorine pools, you need to shock your pool to kill off bacteria and rid the pool of old chlorine that is no longer effective.
  7. Clean and store your cover. Lay it out next to the pool, then clean the cover thoroughly with a garden hose and scrub brush. You can even purchase a special winter cover cleaner, but simple warm water and soap works just as well. Be sure to dry the cover, then fold it up properly and store it in a cool, dry place for the summer.

If you need help with any of the above pool opening tasks, call Central Jersey Pools today at 732-462-5005.

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