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Vacation in Your Backyard: Transform Your Outdoor Living Space For 2021

Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t always rely on far-off vacation spots, nearby beaches and exotic destinations for your annual trips. Did you try booking a swimming pool installation last year when COVID-19 shutdowns forced families to spend more time at home, but to your dismay could not because of all the backups and delays in construction and supplies?


You’re not alone. Many people tried the same thing but just couldn’t make it happen. With more shutdowns and delays possible this winter and even next spring, now is the time to book your swimming pool, hot tub, swim spa, and outdoor kitchen installations. Get in now before it’s too late! 

From outdoor kitchens to swim spas, here’s how you can transform your outdoor living space for 2021. 

Prioritizing Outdoor Home Entertainment

Start planning the backyard of your dreams now so once spring and summer of 2021 hit, you’ll be well on your way to chilling and grilling. From a pool to an outdoor kitchen and grill, a staycation will not only save you money, it will be guaranteed – no matter what’s going on in the world. No cancelled plane tickets, no walking on eggshells wondering if your vacation will actually happen.

According to Hearth and Home, year-over-year Google searches for outdoor kitchens doubled in May of 2020. The pandemic essentially prioritized pleasant, relaxing outdoor living spaces where the family can gather to cook, relax, socialize, work, learn, play and exercise. Studies of online shopping trends this past year have revealed spending on “backyard betterment” came in third, behind only “groceries and home basics” and “survival shopping.

Outdoor Kitchens: What to Incorporate

Outdoor living spaces featuring anything from comfy furniture and spas to outdoor fire pits and wood pizza ovens have skyrocketed in popularity. The sky’s the limit when planning your outdoor kitchen, which can encompass:

  • Docking stations for electronics
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Cooking islands
  • Wet bar islands
  • Pergolas
  • Saunas, spas and hot tubs
  • Water features, i.e., fountains
  • Gazebos, pavilions and furniture for outdoor seating
  • Cabanas and other outdoor room designs
  • Surrounds for hot tubs

1.      Add a Grilling Station

Sure, the grill is a main component of the outdoor kitchen, but no one says it has to be a boring appliance sitting in the corner by itself. Add extra prep space so you can have more room to chop, prep, season, and plate your creations. A condiment station is a great addition where people can add their own toppings to their burgers and other summertime favorites.

2.      Separate Into Zones

A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen can’t just be thrown together. It has to flow well and have some kind of functionality. This is why you should zone your outdoor living space into logical uses. Your cook space and grill should be in one zone, while seating is in another. Still another area could be a  prep area, which contains all your condiments, plates and utensils.

3.      Put in a Pool 

Now that you have the outdoor kitchen squared away, now’s the time to add the pièce de résistance. An inground or above ground pool custom designed to uniquely complement your backyard is just the beginning. You can also add a swim spa or hot tub to the mix. 

Hot tubs are great ways to relax after a long day or a particularly grueling workout. Swim spas can keep those joints limbered up while getting exercise, great for older adults, athletes and anyone else who needs relief from aches and pains.

But don’t stop at the pool and spa. Choose from a variety of fully-customizable features to truly make your backyard oasis one of a kind:

  • Pool bars
  • Fountains
  • Stairs and diving boards
  • Waterfalls
  • Underwater LED lights

Planning for next year’s staycation with the family doesn’t have to stress you out. Who knows what’s going to happen? What we do know is that staycations are here to stay. They’re safe, affordable and best of all, always just a few steps from your back door. 

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