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Vinyl Liner Repair

After several years your liner can lose its elasticity, causing it to be more susceptible to tearing. Accelerators of this loss of elasticity include improper water balance and sun damage. Sun damage is tough to avoid, but many times improper water balance could have been avoided, causing your liner to last longer.
            Tearing many times occurs when the liner is punctured by a sharp object such as a pool ladder without properly installed ladder bumpers, sharp toys, or by use of the telescoping pole without a tool attached. Try to avoid these problems from occurring.

Repair of Vinyl Liner 
            Many times these tears can be repaired. It has been our experience that vinyl liners that are damaged in the corners of the pool or another area where the liner has become taut can become next to impossible to repair without further damage to the liner. In this situation, many times the only option is liner replacement.
            For small holes and minor repairs, patch kits are available at Central Jersey Pools. The patch kits include clear vinyl, which will allow for repair while not looking like a patch has been made.
            Here are the basic steps and some hints for applying adhesive patches in vinyl liner pools.

  1. Clean the area around the tear area without further damaging the tear area.
  2. Cut a patch that is approximately twice as large as the tear area. Cut the patch in a round or oval shape depending on the shape of the tear.
  3. Apply the adhesive evenly to one side of the patch. If the tear is under water, it is sometimes helpful to fold the patch in two to keep the adhesive on the patch while underwater.
  4. Apply the patch and press out any air spaces. Make sure the adhesive is evenly distributed under the patch.
  5. Apply even pressure to the patch for at least 30 seconds to ensure that it adheres well.

            If your vinyl liner is several years old, we do not recommend draining it. Due to shrinkage, it is very difficult for a liner that has lost its elasticity to be drained and refilled with success. 
- The information in this brochure is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Central Jersey Pools, or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information.
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