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What to do When a Heater Won’t Light

Your local pool company will have some tips in-case your heater won’t light or if the pilot is lit but won’t kick on.

  1. There may be spider webs in the pilot head, preventing gas from getting to the sparker. This is very common after a period of non-use. Open up the door to the heater and carefully sweep out the webs – OR-
  2. The pilot generator may be bad and not able to get hot enough to supply sufficient voltage. In this case call Central Jersey Pools for a service call at $150 per hour plus parts.

What to do When a Heater Pilot is Lit but Won’t Kick On

  1. If you have an automatic cleaner on your pool, turn it off and then see if your heater fires up – OR-
  2. the filter must be clean for the heater to work. To tell if this is a problem, turn down the thermostat on your heater, turn off the filter, turn the multiport valve to the “recirculate’ position, turn the filter back on, and turn the thermostat to a higher setting. If the heater works, this indicates that the filter need a cleaning and should be backwashed.
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