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What To Do When a Swimming Pool Motor Squeals

Typically, a “squealing” swimming pool pump is you warning sign that the bearings have seen better days. Hayward Pool Products suggests that you replace the bearings or the entire motor. Motor shops usually have a $40 bench-time charge to evaluate your motor if you bring it into the store. It is usually advisable to replace the motor rather than only the bearings.

Sometimes customers put up with the noise until it becomes unbearable. Keep in mind, however, that the louder the noise, the more amperage your pump is pulling. This will cause you to waste electricity.

Depending on the age of the swimming pool pump and the motor, you can (1) change the bearings, (2) change the motor, or (3) change the entire pump and motor. Call us for advice on which makes the most sense!

Causes of Bad Bearings: bearings might be noisy due to age or high concentrations of chemicals and heat. A leaky swimming pool pump seal could damage the front motor bearing. Therefore, it is very important to quickly repair any leaks around the pump to prevent extensive damage. Since bad bearings can be caused by running the pump dry for an extended period, always remember to keep the water level in your pool up to the middle of the skimmer!

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