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What You Need to Know About In-Ground Pool Liners

Inground pool liners should be replaced about every seven to 10 years.

Pool liners are necessary to protect the interior of your pool and provide a smooth barrier between you and the hard concrete or other material below. They are most often made of vinyl, durable enough to withstand vacuuming, pool toys and the occasional pebble. However, they can also be surprisingly fragile, so you need to stay on top of repairs and patches to keep your liner lasting for years.


Inground pool liners should be replaced about every seven to 10 years. This is because over time, the environment, elements and outside influences such as pets, people and toys, can threaten the integrity of the liner. Separations can form in the seams, and even the chemicals you use can erode the liner. In addition, dirt and other particles settle at the bottom over time, causing slight pits, rips and tears. Even long toenails on humans and pets can do a number on pool liners. Leaks, punctures, tears, and rips are common side effects of time. In some cases, such as small rips, you can patch them up with no problem. Other times, the puncture is too large or significant, leading to even more leakage. The only way to fix this circumstance is to have the whole thing replaced by a professional.

Choosing a Pattern

If you do have to replace your swimming pool liner, at least you get the chance to switch up the appearance. That’s because there are countless styles, colors and patterns to select from, depending on your personal style, the décor around your pool and the style of the pool itself. While you want to choose a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing, you also want to choose one that will hide dirt and other imperfections well. Other considerations include how the liner will look in conjunction with your lighting system and how it will blend with your decking. In addition, you may also want to choose a swimming pool liner that hides seams so you don’t notice them as much.

Enlisting the Help of a Pro

Like any other home improvement task, replacing a swimming pool liner is technically possible as a DIY task. However, when it comes to inground pool liners, the margin for error is extremely small. It’s best to hire a professional technician who has many years of experience installing liners, as this job requires time, dedication, detailed measurements, patience and precision. Go too fast, and you could end up with seams and bumps where there shouldn’t be. If you’re not careful, you could cause small tears in your liner during installation that you never even notice. A pool liner is too much of an investment to risk these problems. Instead, hire the experts at Central Jersey Pool for liner replacement. It’s a tricky and time consuming process to install a liner. You have to ensure no wrinkles develop and you provide the right suction for it to adhere to the walls. You also have to know how to smooth any pitting or bumps for a snug fit. If you don’t take the correct measurements, the liner can pull away from the sides and you’ll be left with sagging areas. Call Central Jersey Pools today for expert pool liner installation!

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