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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Pool?

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the beachgoers are getting fewer.  Guess what? Now is the best time to buy a pool!  If you’ve been dreaming of owning one of your own inground swimming pools, even in the dead of winter, planning a pool installation in the off season is the best time to do it. Here are a few reasons you should start researching and contacting swimming pool contractors today.

Benefits of Contacting Swimming Pool Contractors in Fall and Winter

1. Now is the off season.
Everyone wants inground swimming pools when the summer heat hits, and that’s exactly the time that swimming pool contractors get their busiest. Waiting to plan for your swimming pool until the summer season causes a plethora of issues including cost, scheduling and quality. Start scheduling a pool installation now, and you’ll have your choice of pool installation dates, you’ll have better customer service, and your pool will ready when the first heatwave hits.
2. You’ll get better swimming pool prices.
Swimming pool contractors have fewer customers during the winter months, and because business is so slow, swimming pool prices take a dip. Many pool professionals offer discounted rates during the fall and winter months, so start planning from September to February to get the best swimming pool prices possible.
3. Permits are easier to get in the off season.
During the winter, you’ll find that there are fewer construction projects going on.  And that means that permits are easier to get a hold of. Working with your swimming pool contractors in the fall and winter gives you much more of a cushion, so even if there are delays in the process, you’ll be sure to have your pool installed and ready to go by summer.
4. You’ll have more time for landscaping.
Owners of inground swimming pools enjoy some nice landscaping to go along with their new investment. And if you have your pool completed by the end of the winter, you can team up with a landscaper and have that completed along with your new pool. That means with those excellent swimming pool prices, you can spend a little more and enjoy your landscaped yard, too. Plus, you won’t have to take on a landscaping project in the heat of summer.
5. There’s time to plan for the upcoming season.
Inground swimming pool owners are always excited to have their first party, and nobody like to have something get in the way.  Things that slow down the installation like rainy weather, an inspection, the electrician or a permit can really set back your plans. But if you install the pool in in the fall, you’ll have nearly six months or more to plan for all the events that come up in the spring. Plus, if you’d like patio furniture or pool accessories, fall and winter is a good time to find them on sale, too!
If these bang-for-your-buck benefits haven’t convinced you that now is the best time to buy a pool, just think of this. If a manufacturer plans to increase their swimming pool prices, they usually do it at the beginning of the new season. Plus, if you plan on financing the project, interest rates may increase as well. So, start researching your local swimming pool contractors today and have one of the best inground swimming pools next summer!

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