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Where to Find the Best Hot Tubs in New Jersey?

With Freehold, New Jersey’s proximity to New York City, we definitely understand the stress associated with fast-paced life. And we all know that benefits of regular soaks in a personal hot tub include: stress relief, better sleep, and overall better health and wellness. But what you may not know is where to find the best hot tubs in New Jersey.

If you are ready to elevate your wellness routine, then visit us at Central Jersey Pools. We have been in business for over 63 years! You can count on us to have the best selection of hot tubs perfect for your backyard, your wellness routine, and your budget. 

Below we talk you through the benefits of the various hot tub brands available at Central Jersey Pools.

Nordic Hot Tubs in New Jersey

Nordic hot tubs offer affordability and luxury to New Jersey home owners.

One of the best hot tubs in New Jersey is a Nordic® Hot Tub. This brand incorporates a STAR philosophy. Simplicity. Therapeutic. Affordable. Reliable.

Nordic Hot Tubs are straightforward and easy to use. If you aren’t looking for a lot of bells and whistles, then this is the brand for you. 

These tubs are user friendly. They provide all the physical, psychological, and wellness benefits you expect to get. Plus they are reliable and affordable.

Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker Spas are assembled in the USA.

If you are looking for a hot tub that is not only durable and affordable and also assembled in the USA, then a Dream Maker Spas™ is perfect for you. 

With a Dream Maker hot tub you are getting an easy to use, energy efficient spa.

Dream Maker tubs are rotationally molded spas with a smooth, acrylic-like feel. They have high quality jets, and their price point allows everyone to enjoy a leisure and wellness lifestyle.

Even if you have a small backyard area, we have a Dream Maker tub that will fit.

Sunrise Spas

With a Sunrise Spa® as your New Jersey hot tub, you are getting a hot tub that will maximize your health and wellness while minimizing maintenance costs. 

These tubs are state of the art. Sunrise Spas utilize advanced hydro-massage technology. This helps your body relax and release toxins.

They are specially insulated with Green Guard Rockwool Insulation. This energy efficient insulation captures and recirculates the hot tub’s own energy throughout the interior of its cabinet.

Sunrise Spas include features such as: multicolored LED lights, a proprietary filtration and water management system, and the ability to stream music through its waterproof speakers and subwoofer.

They use the latest innovations in the industry combined with superior Canadian craftsmanship for a luxurious hot tub experience.

Tropic Seas Hot Tubs in New Jersey

Tropic Seas Spas are a handcrafted luxury options for New Jersey residents.

For the ultimate in spa luxury, purchase a Tropic Seas® model. Handcrafted and ergonomically designed, this brand provides the ultimate spa wellness and luxury lifestyle.

Tropic Seas Spas are energy efficient while keeping water temperatures tropical. Standard features include LED lights, ultimate massage jets, and cabinets that won’t warp or rot. 

These spas can also be customized to your specifications. Upgrades include: water purification systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, kick rail lighting, full foam insulation, stereo systems, and waterfall features.

No matter your budget or the size of your backyard, at Central Jersey Pools we have the perfect hot tub for you. 

Contact us to upgrade your New Jersey wellness lifestyle today.

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