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Who Offers Hot Tub Moving Service in NJ?

Are you ready for MOVING DAY?! Perhaps second in excitement and hard work only to demo day (that’s for you, Chip Gaines), it’s important to be fully prepared for a move. So, how do you prepare for moving day? First, practice saying these phrases: Where should I put this box? and Home sweet home. Second, make arrangements with the best hot tub moving service in New Jersey to handle transporting your much-loved spa!

Whether you’re looking to move your hot tub to a new spot in your backyard, a new home in Freehold, or a long distant location, it’s an undertaking you can’t do alone. It’s also critical to find someone you can trust with such precious cargo. Who offers hot tub moving service in NJ? Central Jersey Pools is hands down the best choice! Here’s why you can trust us when it’s time to move your hot tub. 

We Have an Experienced and Knowledgeable Team 

When you hire Central Jersey Pools as your hot tub moving service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your spa is being handled with care by our experienced and knowledgeable team. We have been the premier and trusted source for all things outdoor living in Monmouth County and beyond for over 60 years. During that time, we’ve relocated many spas for highly satisfied clients. There is no substitute for experience! You can rely on us to safely and carefully move your hot tub locally or over long distances. 

Location, Location, Location: We Can Do it All!

In real estate, they say the phrase location, location, location to emphasize how proximity to other things can greatly affect a property. When moving a hot tub, location and proximity are also extremely important. The more challenging the location, the more important it is that you hire an experienced and proven hot tub moving service. 

At Central Jersey Pools, we’ve relocated hot tubs from nearly every possible location including highly elevated decks, inside covered patios or basements, near pools, in tight dimensions, and more. We have all the tools necessary to lift, adjust, rotate, tilt, and safely move your spa, including cranes, spa dollies, wedges, and a team of experienced movers. Together, we can discuss your hot tub’s current location and devise a plan to carefully and safely relocate it.

Get Exceptional Pricing 

Looking for a hot tub moving service in NJ with competitive pricing? Central Jersey Pools is the way to go. While pricing can vary based on the current spa location, size, and distance to your new location, you will find we have excellent and affordable prices. Give our team a call! After answering a few questions, we can give you an estimate for moving your hot tub.

Trust Central Jersey Pools as Your Preferred Hot Tub Moving Service

As you finish boxing up your home and preparing for moving day, give our team a call at 732-462-5005 to schedule your hot tub moving service with Central Jersey Pools! Let us handle moving your hot tub so you can spend your time and energy focused on the rest of your move. Cheers to a new location, new beginnings, and a happy moving day! 

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