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Why Change the Sand in a Sand Filter

<p style="text-align: left;" align="center">Your <a title="Visit your local pool company" href="" target="_blank">local pool company</a> will likely provide some basic information on why it is good to change the sand in a sand filter.</p>
If you have a sand filter, it will need to be backwashed when the pressure is 8-10 psi above the standard operating pressure. If backwashing does not lower the pressure, or if your pool water does not clear, it is probably time for a Filter Sand Change.
Sand should be replaced every 4-5 years. There are fragile laterals at the bottom of the inside of your sand filter. If one of these laterals is cracked or broken, sand will enter the pool, resulting in additional service-and additional fees. Therefore, you should have the sand professionally replaced.
Erosion from years of water passing over each grain makes the rough outer edges of the sand become smooth. Smooth sand does not catch and trap dirt as efficiently. The sand slowly erodes to a size smaller than the original #20 silica, allowing it to clog laterals and pass into the pool.

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