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Why You Should Consider Adding an Above Ground Pool Deck

There are many benefits to investing in an above ground pool — they’re cost-effective, portable, and provide your family with a means to stay cool and have fun in the hot summer. But could you make your pool even better? Consider adding a deck to your above ground pool! Here’s why.

Expand Your Above Ground Pool Space

Despite their benefits, one challenge of having an above ground pool is that they don’t have the same space around the edge that an inground pool does with coping. So there’s no functional place to set up lounge chairs or umbrellas for those who want to partake in the pool fun, but not necessarily swim in the pool

A deck allows pool owners to expand the space around their above ground pool so that they can set up comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas. Just like you would with an inground swimming pool!

Decks Create Better Access and Supervision to the Pool

Many above ground pools are limited to a ladder to help swimmers climb in. While this works sufficiently, it’s not always the easiest way to get into the pool. 

Also, the only way for parents to supervise their children swimming is by either standing on the outside for a long time or getting in the pool themselves. Which isn’t a terrible option, but what if Mom or Dad are more in the mood for sitting and relaxing rather than swimming? And if they do happen to be on the outside and a child needs assistance, it can be hard to get into the above ground pool quickly with just a ladder.

An above ground pool with a deck, however, offers much easier access to the water and a better position for supervising kiddos as they swim. Because it’s so high off the ground, parents can have a bird’s eye view of their children at play, and be able to get into the pool quickly if needed — even if it’s just to join a game of Marco Polo.

Young girl standing on an above ground pool deck with beach balls
Decks provide more fun and access to the pool.

Enhance Poolside Fun

Overall, an above ground pool deck can enhance poolside fun. A deck provides the perfect platform for jumping into the water — something you couldn’t do if your above ground pool didn’t have a deck!

Along with having a space to relax, decks can also be used to store pool toys, making them easy to toss into the pool and gather them up once the swimming is over. No more having to haul toys up and over a ladder!

Plus, you can also install a pool slide on a deck, making your above ground pool an even more enjoyable place for you and your family to spend your summer.

Where to Get an Above Ground Pool Deck

You’ll want an above ground pool deck that’s built to last. That’s why it’s best to choose an expert pool professional to build your deck for you.

At Central Jersey Pools, we’ve strived to provide quality above ground pools with strong, reliable decks for over 50 years. We want to make sure you and your family have the most fun, safe summer in your pool. If you’re ready to add a deck to your above ground pool, give us a call at 732-355-3361 or contact us here.

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