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Winter Maintenance: The Top Pool Cover Pumps | Pool Cover Pumps NJ

Winter Maintenance: The Top Pool Cover Pumps
Pool cover pumps are necessary to get excess melted snow and rainwater off your pool cover. Water can weigh down your cover and cause damage to the cover itself as well as the pool. Pool cover pumps are designed to siphon off that excess water throughout the winter so that when it comes time to open your pool in spring, you won’t experience any problems.
There are two main types of pumps: automatic and manual. Both work by using a regular garden hose to drain out the water. However, manual ones you have to turn on and off by hand, while automatic ones kick on automatically as soon as the water reaches a certain level. This means you can stay in your cozy home without having to venture outside in the winter to flick a switch.
Here are some top brands of pool cover pumps on the market today.

  • Dirt Defender Inground Pool Winter Cover Pump: Weighing in at a mere 10 pounds, this product is capable of pumping 1250 gallons per hour thanks to its 1/3 HP motor. Resistant to clogs and very powerful, this manual pump is an excellent choice for many pool owners.
  • Little Giant 5 APCP Pool Cover Pump: While on the heavy side, this is still a reliable and durable pump well known in the industry.
  • Swim Time Dredger Jr. Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump: Got an above ground pool with a tarp cover? This model is perfect because it’s small and lightweight. It’s great for small pools, as it pumps just 350 gallons an hour.


As said above, automatic pumps offer increased convenience due to the fact that they automatically switch off when sufficient water is removed. For this added benefit, automatic pumps are usually more costly than manual ones.

  • Wayne Pool Cover Water Removal Pump: A great all-around automatic pump, this product has earned top ratings on Amazon for efficiency. It can also pump 3,000 gallons in an hour! Great for solid and mesh safety covers due to its weight of more than 10 pounds.
  • AquaPro 1/3 HP Water Removal Pump: Put this on your solid pool cover during the off-season and it will automatically drain accumulating water that collects from rain or melting snow. This sturdy model has a wide base and tough, weatherproof construction. Thanks to sensors inside the unit, increased water levels are easily detected that alert the system to turn off automatically once all water is gone. It can handle up to 1,800 gallons an hour, with easy hook-up to a garden hose. Bonus: you can even use it to drain water from your basement, spa, or boat.

If you need help selecting a quality pool cover pump, please get in touch with the professionals at Central Jersey Pool for expert recommendations.

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