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Your spa – Air Injectors, Diverter's, Floor Drain and Intakes

Your spa – Air Injectors, Diverter’s, Floor Drain and Intakes

Spa Air Injectors

By adding a motor with a fan and ducting the air into the spa, much water agitation can be gained. If you like the bubbling sensation, call us at Central Jersey Pools to have an air injector fitted.

Spa Diverter

Some spas have levers allowing water to be directed to a particular zone or jet in the spa.

Spa Floor Drain & Intakes

Whether your spa is indoors or out, your spa area needs a floor drain to carry off splashed or overflowing water. It will also carry off intentionally drained water through a waste water pipe. Directing spa waste water into the grass is bad for your soil, and therefore bad for growing things.
In many spas, two or more intakes per pump are essential to pull the high volume of water being pumped into the spa back into the filter system. No pump should be attached to just one suction fitting.
When the pump(s) is/are running, all the intakes in the spa shell and the skimmer feed into the filter system to better circulate the water.

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