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Your Spa – GFCI Circuit Breaker, Plumbing & Jets

Your Spa – GFCI Circuit Breaker, Plumbing & Jets

Spa GFCI Circuit Breaker
A GFCI, or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter”, is a circuit breaker connected to the spa’s wiring, usually at an electrical box. When wires have loose or corroded connections, wear through or short circuit or any high resistance occurs, the GFCI cuts electricity to the spa. A GFCI can go bad without notice. Be sure to push the test button at least once per month.

Spa Plumbing

Pipes and tubing carry water through the spa system. Large diameter, 1 ½”-2 ½” (3.8-6.35cm) PVC piping and flexible plastic hoses are popular for use in spas. Jets are supplied by smaller diameter feeder hoses which branch off of the main line.

Spa Jets

Jets are nozzles through which water flows into the spa. They are placed in the direction and operate at the velocity that feels best to you and does your body the most good.
Some jets adjust to cause water to pulse. Some allow for the angle and force to be adjusted. Some sizes may be exchanged for a different type of jet. Some rotate and sooth a larger area of your body.

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