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Your Spa – Skimmer, Filters, Cabinet

Your Spa – Skimmer, Filters, Cabinet

Spa Skimmer

The Skimmer and the intakes are the openings in the shell by which water exits the spa. It then makes its way through the filter and heater system, before returning to the shell via the jets. Before water passes through the filter element, some spas have a plastic basket to collect large debris that might damage your pump.

Spa Filters

Filter elements are woven fiber, porous fluted cylinders. They allow water to pass through but intercept tiny debris, oil, and dead bacteria. They are usually in the shell, at the entrance to the pump system. They are typically after the skimmer opening and may be positioned vertically or horizontally. Double, or even triple filters, are in place in some spas.
To clean your filter, it should be soaked in a degreaser and power washed with a garden hose at least monthly. They should be replaced every three to six months, depending on how frequently the spa is used.

Spa Cabinet

If you have a cabinet, it’s the outer box which houses the shell. It also has an access panel or opening to the internal parts which consist of the pumps, heater, ozonator, hoses which cycle the water into the shell, and electrical wiring. Some elements could be external, such as the heater. You may not have a cabinet, but if you do, it’s commonly made of vinyl, polystyrene panels, redwood, or cedar.

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